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We proudly deliver best-in-class consulting services to our clients in the Life Sciences Industry. Our team is built based on high levels of industry expertise and a strong commitment to serving as a strategic partner to our clients. We believe teamwork and trust provide a foundation for optimal results. As Excellis continues to achieve success, we encourage our employees to take leadership initiative within the company.


Excellis Health Solutions offers a service to ensure the most up-to-date information pertaining to legislation and how it may affect your company through a yearly subscription.
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GMIS – Recent News

The FDA Has Spoken: Grandfathering Guidance Has Been Released!
The FDA released the Grandfathering policy on November 27, 2017. Although this guidance is exactly two years late (Based on the DSCSA timeline), it provides clear direction on the grandfathering policy.

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Excellis is excited to announce that we are an official GS1 Solution Partner!

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