Every month, Excellis offers free webinars on several topics, including but not limited to DSCSA and the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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January 8, 2019: Maximize Your Serialization Investment

Hear from a panel of experts from Takeda, Excellis Health, and RXTrace on…

  • -The biggest risks of stopping at compliance
  • -How to leverage your serialization investment
  • -Simple steps to achieve absolute brand protection with minimal effort

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July 2018: Serialization Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning – Are you ready for the US/EU Compliance Deadlines?


  • -Are you in a fully validated Production environment?
  • -Are your CMOs and 3PLs on-boarded and live?
  • -Will you need to up-version your solution to be in compliance?
  • -What is your backup plan–is it too late to switch vendors?
  • -Are your SOPs defined and updated to account for serialized operations?

Internal/External Manufacturing:

  • -Has your equipment delivery been delayed?
  • -Are all your lines installed and qualified?
  • -Are you aggregating now or do you have plans for the future?
  • -Is building safety stock a viable risk mitigation strategy?
  • -How/When do you switch CMOs who aren’t ready or responsive?

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April 17, 2018: DSCSA Update, OIG March 2018 Dispenser Report, and FDA Guidances

  • DSCSA regulation update, timelines and operational implications
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG) March 2018 Report
  • Federal Drug Administration 2 new guidances

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February 27, 2018: DSCSA Update & Learn the 5 key elements to ensure a great solution selection

Purchasing or replacing a Track and Trace DSCSA Technology Solution? Learn the 5 key elements to ensure a great selection in meeting your organization’s needs. Learn About…

  • DSCSA regulation update & timelines for consideration in selecting a technology solution
  • Compliance and operational value – can both be achieved with a technology solution?
  • Key elements in comparing and selecting a technology solution
  • Considerations of pharmacy manufacturers serializing product by 11/2018
  • Advantages for the pharmacy supply chain
  • Why are so many organizations considering changing solution vendors?

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December 19, 2017: DSCSA Track and Trace: Achieving Compliance and Improved Medication & Patient Safety

  • Key Elements to ensure compliance and improve medication & patient safety
  • Implications and Opportunities of the November 2017 electronic lot traceability date
  • FDA’s 11/27/2017 guidance regarding grandfathering product & implications for healthcare and retail

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November 7, 2017: OIG & FDA Latest Report and Impacts to Health Systems
OIG and FDA latest report/guidance & Are you prepared for Electronic Lot Traceability November 2017 Deadline Impact

  • What are the implications of Wholesalers exchanging drug product tracing information using a wide variety of transmission modes and formats?
  • Are direct purchase statements accurate with the required information?
  • How is the determination of DSCSA exempt and non-exempt products? How trading partners might resolve/prevent disagreements?
  • 340B pharmacies: What is the latest guidance regarding the exchange of drug product tracing information for sales to 340B-covered entities that use 340B contract pharmacies?

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